Tips For Choosing The Right Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Are you redesigning your bathroom? Not sure which mosaic tiles to choose from? Mosaic tiles are beautiful and decorative tiles that can really add something special to any bathroom. The problem is however, that many people don’t know how to choose the right one to complement their needs. The following is a guide to choosing the right mosaic tiles for you needs.

Mosaic Tile Buying Tips For Beginners

Layout – Before deciding on the type of mosaic tiles for your bathroom you need to first work out the layout of where it will be positioned. These types of tiles can be installed vertically or horizontally around the bathroom. Some mosaic tiles are best suited to the horizontal layout while others are better suited for vertical installation. When you have your layout worked out you can then narrow down your search.

Colour – The colour of your mosaic tiles will depend on a few things including your personal taste and the large wall tiles that you’re using. When choosing a colour try to keep it within the same colour spectrum. Cream coloured wall tiles work best with natural coloured mosaic tiles. Darker coloured wall tiles can be used with brighter bolder colours. Finding similar colours between the wall tile and mosaic can really compliment your bathroom.

Appearance – Mosaic tiles come available in a number of different appearance. Some have patterns while others have different colour shades. The appearance you choose is down to personal preference and whether you can get the colour you’re after. For a bolder bathroom appearance choose mosaic tiles which offer patterns. For simple bathroom designs the different colour shade options may be the best choice.


When it comes to choosing a mosaic tile to suit your bathroom needs, why not follow these simple tips. By choosing the layout, colour and appearance you can easily create a wonderful bathroom that you will love. So what colour mosaic tile did you choose and why?

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