Kitchen Storage Spaces You Haven’t Thought Of

Are you looking to design a new kitchen? Need to add appropriate storage? When designing your kitchen, you can never have enough storage. The amount of storage you have is vital to successfully holding all your kitchen items neatly and without over stacking. The following is a guide on some storage spaces you can incorporate into your kitchen design that you may not have thought about.

Storage Spaces To Incorporate Into Your Kitchen

Kitchen Island – If you’re incorporating a kitchen island why not create each side with storage cupboard space. This is ideal for holding cookbooks, appliances, wine bottles and more. Kitchen island ends are often overlooked, but by creating new storage options you can easily have a much more user friendly kitchen space.

Above Your Cabinets – Why not take advantage of the space between your upper cabinets and your ceiling. Many people don’t think of this as a storage area, however with the right kitchens Surrey designer you can easily incorporate this area into a new storage solution with doors for extra concealed storage space to hold anything you like.

Corner Cabinets – Many times the corners are just used for bench space. However how many times do you actual use this space for cutting items? Incorporating corner storage units can help to reduce unused space while creating a useful storage area for all sorts of times. They are convenient and user friendly amongst many kitchens especially when used as a panty.


When it comes to storage in your newly designed kitchen why not make it count? By talking with your kitchen designer you can easily create a user friendly and high storage kitchen that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. So did you think of these storage options?


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